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Hde Mark-Iii-S, Dual Stick Voltmeter, Dual Range, 0-15/0-75Kv

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HDE, MARK-III-S, Dual Stick Voltmeter, Dual Range, 0-15/0-75kV (with Included R-75 Resistors); Includes (2) 025-OLPS-5 and CM-100/V Case Our extensive line of voltmeters and phasing sets are designed to measure AC and DC voltages on conductors from phase-to-ground and phase-to-phase

  • Description
  • All of the voltmeters and phasing sets feature universal splines for mounting onto hotsticks and large easy-to-read displays

    Features Measure voltages from phase-to-ground and phase-to-phase up to 80kV Determine if two conductors are in-phase or out-of-phase Measure voltages and phase conductors on both overhead and underground systems Verify a conductor is de-energized prior to grounding Measure voltages in Metal Enclosed Switch Gear Discharge underground cables and other equipment that hold capacitive charges Accuracy 3 of full scale Universal splines Rugged construction designed for heavy field use Overhead brass hook contact probes Large 3 rdquo 7.6 cm meter face with a Lexan protective cover is specially designed for easy reading and increased accuracy

    Multiple scales assist the user in avoiding misreads

    Our analog line of voltmeters and phasing sets include the MARK reg and EM series

    Our digital line of voltmeters and phasing sets include the DigiVolt reg series

    Strain relief fittings at ends of cords reduce cable damage at point of highest stress All fiberglass is quality tested to ASTM F-711 and OSHA standards 100kV/foot for 5 minutes High voltage resistors are encapsulated in epoxy in all resistor sticks, thereby limiting maximum current to approximately 1 milliamp at full rated voltage

    These instruments also allow the user to determine if two conductors are in-phase or out-of-phase with one another

    Virtually maintenance free - no batteries required Measures DC through 1000 Hz RMS AC

    For use on overhead lines and are adaptable for use on underground systems by using accessory probes